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Two smartphones!

Yes I now have two decent phones that are both 5.1 inches and quad-core! Both run Android 7.1 and 8.1. And both have 2 gigs of RAM. One is a bit faster but both are good and active. One is a ZTE Z 5 and the other is a Samsung J2 Core. Not really killer phones, but they are decent for the price of free! Yes, both were free. One from Safelink Wireless and one from Metro PCS. I can run all my fave apps on both with no hiccups. And one has a good battery life. The plans on both are similar too with 2 gigs of LTE data per month and unlimited texting. I call my friend Susan a lot. She is like my mommy. My second mother so to speak. She is funny and makes me laugh and loves MJ. I call her the most besides calling my payee and sometimes my case manager and Larosa's up. I don't talk to anyone much. I hardly text anymore either.  I may look for a text buddy again.

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