Amazon Fire TV Stick With Alexa voice search!

So far I love this thing! It's like a Android tablet with 8 gigs of storage and 1 gig of RAM. It's quad-core,and it's pretty fast. I have been using it about two weeks.
I refuse to use Prime tho as Amazon keeps deleting my accounts(edit) I finally got it to work right without deleting my account!
I also set up skills for Alexa to post to my Twitter account via Tweetbot,added Facebook status bot, and the app on my phones.
I even set up the remote app on my free government phone incase I loose my main remote and need a replacement! I hooked up a pair of bluetooth headphones for music listening at night in bed,and a Harmon Kardon Aura Studio for a good subwoofer and stereo. I downloaded Downloader app,which adds a decent browser and downloader to the Fire TV Stick.
I am thrilled that it works so well. Games load well and I even have Gamefly Streaming with a gamepad attached,and I am able to play my fave games on the bigscreen! No PC needed!


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