Back to iOS!

I have moved on from using Amazon Fire devices and pure Android yet again.
I know I seem lost in the tech game,but with the new iOS 11 out,who wouldn't switch back to just try it out?
I was impressed. It's faster,more intuitive,and just better to use than iOS 9 or even 10. Sure on my older iPhone 5s it will be kinda slow,but still faster than iOS 10 on the iPhone 5 or 5C.
That's due to the A7 chipset,and it's microprocessor.
It's newest features come to life in such a way,that this almost Apple/Windows/Android intermediate user,feels like a pro.
Games like the new Harry Potter Mystery, and my fave Sims Mobile games,don't lag like they kinda do in Android 6.1 and 7.1 with a Snapdragon quad-core processor. And I always loved how easy it is to customize an iOS desktop. Wallpaper is easy to set,icons are easier to delete,and for me I don't feel frustrated toying with settings. It just works! I have iOS 11 on iPod Touch 6th gen and my iPhone 5s. And I am thrilled! I don't feel so left out amongst my group of friends/family/staff. Even my step-sisters daughter now has an iPhone. And my cousin Marilyn too!
I think before the world's end almost everyone in the world would have used an iOS device.
So,what do I miss about using all the other stuff? I miss using Amazon's Alexa on the Echo Dot the most. It was fun to use. It kept me company too. And it is cheap. But Amazon plays around with my accounts,they charge me for stuff too twice  when I buy it.
My Dot nick named "Alexa 1" has not gone far,but is at a good home with my friend Gary. He enjoys it alot. It is like a home PC to him. A voice-activated PC. It was to me too!
I may move on to using Apple's Homepod in the future or to a Google Mini. Currently,I use Siri when I charge my devices and have em on my bluetooth speakers. I dock my iPod Touch and use it like a stereo/media center/game system. I use the hands-free mode to ask it questions like on Alexa. It's not as compact or all-in-one,but it is just as cool! And I also miss Alexa on the Fire TV Stick! Just push the remote button and voila! I now use a Roku Player,and although I get private listening and voice search,it isn't as cool as using Alexa. Even Siri on my old Apple TV 4th gen I bough and tried out,wasn't as cool remember I had that too? I may go back to Apple TV for the Siri,but I do enjoy my Roku,which has my fave Tetris games. :)


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